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Donor Development

In Cultivation, Donor Development, Donor Relationship, Donors in Russia, Fund-raising, Fundraising, Giving in Russia, Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, relationship-based fudraising on September 1, 2011 at 7:35 am

Through 16 years of experience I have developed a Donor Development process. Working with the potential philanthropist to develop a vision, objective, strategy and operating plan and even going so far as to identify organizations they can choose from to see their  vision become reality. All this is accomplished through this unique Donor Development process.

Every one of these projects and programs have made a unique difference around the world as well as in the local communities where the Philanthropists reside. This engaging philanthropic journey has made a substantial difference in the lives of these Philanthropists and their families.

The philanthropist who went through a Donor Development process, not only became successful at identifying  a giving opportunity that works and is unique
for them…..they came to feel a welcome ownership for their projects and have also become amazing ambassadors on behalf of the community causes their
Philanthropy now benefits.

For some of the donors as well as some of the organizations engaged in the Donor Development process this process turned to be a significant and positive change in the way they operated before.

You are welcome to take a listen ( http://www.youtube.com/improsteiner ) to some of the Philanthropists in their own words expressing the change in their lives and engagement with the causes they have created as it emerges through the donor development process and what all of this means to them.

Some of the videos posted are my reports from field-trips to different places around the world. Some other videos are reports from places around the world in which I have worked with Philanthropists as we discuss the state of their projects.

You are invited to join me on these journeys. I hope you enjoy the videos and that you can see the value of working with a partner to help you whether you are an individual or a corporation to find the charitable giving opportunity that resonates most with your desire to give in a unique and meaningful way to you.

To learn more about Donor Development and how it can make a difference for you please contact Michael Steiner at steinerpgh@gmail.com


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